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Local Restaurants

Bit & Spur Restaurant

(435) 772-3498

Park House Cafe

(435) 772-0100

Deep Creek Coffee

(435) 669-8849

Springdale Utah

Nearby Restaurants

Phone numbers are subject to change.

MeMe's Cafe
(435) 772-0114
Oscar's Cafe
(435) 772-3232
King's Landing Bistro
(435) 772-7422
Camp Outpost Co. Zion
(435) 703-2269
Zion Pizza & Noodle
(435) 772-3815
Jack’s Sports Grill
(435) 772-3700
Dulivia Ristorante Italiano
(435) 772-3700
(435) 772-0276
Stage Coach Grille
(435) 772-0665
Switchback Grille
(435) 772-3700
The Parkhouse Cafe
(435) 772-0100
Thai Sapa
(435) 772-0510

Southern Utah

Regional Activities

Springdale Utah

Spa Experience


Flanigans Spa

Soothing, restorative, and rejuvenating! A wide variety of massage treatments await you at the Deep Canyon.

(435) 772-3244


Cliffrose Five Petals Spa

Relax and cleanse with a number of treatments, including our Signature Massages and Specialty Facials.

(435) 429-7800


Cable Mountain Spa

A place of sanctuary within the sacred surroundings of Zion Canyon. Reserve a Spa Treatment today!

(435) 772-3244

Things to see & Do

Explore Zion National Park

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring landscapes and experience the magic of Zion from the comfort of our accommodations. Whether you're seeking a romantic escape or a fun adventure, Canyon Casitas is your perfect home base.

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